New Cooks Series – 1

I had an interesting conversation with a university student (not one of mine), who said that she doesn’t cook because it looks difficult and time consuming.  She looks at all the food online, drools, and then buys take-out.  It made me wonder if in our glee posting our latest food experiments or family favourites, we have overcomplicated things for cooking newbies.  Everyone should know how to make basic food because everyone eats!  I was discussing this with my older daughter to get her take on the idea,  and she suggested starting a mini-series on the blog, with easy recipes using few ingredients, and hints for new cooks, such as how not to waste food. I decided to take up the challenge and will be posting something under the New Cooks Series every Monday for the next few weeks. My daughter volunteered to share one of her easy go-to mains, so I turn it over to her below!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs (skin-less, boneless)
a pat of butter

Wrap each thigh in a strip of bacon.

Heat a pan over medium temperature. Add a pat of butter to prevent sticking.

Place your chicken in the pan, with the ends of the bacon on the bottom so it doesn’t unroll.

Cook about 10 minutes, turn over, and cook another 10-15 minutes until cooked through.  Turn up the heat for 3 minutes or so at the end to crisp up the bacon.

Voila! Your dinner 🙂

Tip:   Chicken thighs are less expensive, moister, and more flavourful than breast. )

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