Spring is Intoxicating 

Since we moved into this house pretty much at the end of the growing season last year, I have been looking forward to spring here. We had a big hailstorm just before we moved and the previous owners cut all the damaged plants back to the ground. I was able to identify a couple of them by smell, but I have been looking forward to spring when everything puts its flashy bits on display, making them easier to identify.  For example, I figured we had a few willows by the shape of the remaining leaves, but they are producing little catkins, so Pussy Willows they are!  While I was digging grass out of the beds and getting to know my soil (there are lots of worms and ladybugs, yay) I discovered the first leaves of what looks like bellflowers of some sort, as well as daffodils, scilla, daisies, bee balm, and a marker for dwarf phlox (we’ll see if it shows up). I did notice that none of these plants are on the “favourite salad bar items of deer” menu. That bodes of things to come, and I’ll try to carry on that tradition. The little shrubs cut to the ground are still a mystery – gardening is a sport requiring patience. It is intoxicating to sit in the sunshine and root around amongst the plants though. For me, there is nothing like the feeling of spring!  I’m itching to hit the garden centres, but I know it is too early unless I want to spend the next month carrying pots in and out of the house.  I did notice that my sweet peas have germinated though, so we are in business there!

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