Lakeshore Trail and Agnes Lake Trail

Part of the fun of going to Lake Louise in winter is spending some time outdoors in the beautiful scenery around the frozen lake. The snow was not deep around the Lakeshore Trail, so my friend and I enjoyed a beautiful winter wonderland walk along the lake. There are two waterfalls at the end of the trail that had frozen into a beautiful aqua colour which was pretty spectacular. We also enjoyed watching the ice climbers scaling the taller of the falls –  not for the faint of heart!


Looking back toward Chateau Lake Louise.


The taller falls with climbers.


Sleigh ride on the lake.


The shorter falls are easier to get close to.


Our husbands took the Agnes Lake Trail which is significantly more challenging (elevation plus ice), and brought these photos back from their adventures.


Agnes Lake under snow and ice.


The Tea House is closed for the winter season.



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