Houseplant Appreciation Day

Did you know that today is Houseplant Appreciation Day? Apparently, it is celebrated every January 10th.  How did this fall off my calendar? Haha. I do love houseplants however, especially because for 6-7 months of the year, it is the only way to grow plants in our climate.  The leaves on our trees come back in the middle of May every year, and fall off sometime in September, or the first week in October if we are very lucky.

Because of houseplants, we can have our share of greenery all year long. Houseplants help a room look softer and less angular, keep us in contact with natural things, add some humidity to our dry rooms, clean the air indoors, boost our moods, entertain us with their grow, and taking care of them is a relaxing activity for me.  As a tribute to the greenery that grows for us in our home, I have put together a few photos I have taken of our houseplants over the year. Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day!



  1. You should be their spokesperson!! I love the maiden hair hahaha and whatever that big purple leaf one is. The ones on the ladder Ian gave you are thriving! They all look so healthy, you do have a green thumb – or two! One indoor one outdoor!! 😃🌱🌿

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