My Cat Adores Me


Our two cats sleep in our home office at night. Their beds and litter boxes are in there, and we all sleep better with this arrangement. Every morning after they come upstairs for breakfast, our younger cat sits and stares at me for a full five to ten minutes. This is a long time to be stared at. Initially, I tried to figure out what he wanted, but turns out that all he wanted/wants is to look at me. Apparently, during the night, he forgets what I look like. I can look at him, look away, speak, ignore, invite him to sit on my lap, whatever. He just keeps staring. My husband calls it The Adore Mama Cat Ritual. I can live with that 🙂


  1. So Funny……But staring is better than getting a paw across the face in the middle of the dark. I try to ignore the punksters but once in a while if they have to go “Pitty Potty” I get the paw across the face. Your kitties are so cute.


    1. I hear you there. Before we starting putting them in their “own” room at night, there was pouncing, racing in the hallways, door rattling etc. Now I just open a can of wet food and they follow me downstairs to their room for snack and snooze. It works for us. If we take a nap during the day though, they join right in.


  2. I noticed out the corner of my eye the other morning, my cat tip-toeing around the edges of my bed, watching for signs of life, but not disturbing me. When I finally started to stir, he knew it was okay to wake me up and he stepped onto my legs and meowed. I hadn’t realized he watches me like that. Your cat is beautiful 🙂


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