Back from Holiday Catch Up

Hello All! I planned to take just Christmas and New Years off, but felt I could use the extra time, so I took the month of January off as well.

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? My husband and I did, and for the first time in a long time we are sticking with them! I suspect that is because we were pretty specific as to what we wanted to take on…and taking something on is almost always easier than giving something up!

My husband’s resolution was to learn to cook more things! I am entirely on board with this idea!! He has been cooking once a week, not using any of my recipes, but trying recipes from YouTube channels he has been watching, and making up his own combinations. I will be posting some of the things he has made later this month. So far we have had Smoky Mac and Cheese, Chili, Butter Chicken and Naan Bread. Delicious.

My New Year’s Resolution is to learn to play the flute! I wanted to learn in high school, but band conflicted with my French and Science classes so never worked for me. I do play the piano, so I am not starting from scratch with music, just learning a new instrument. I am taking lessons 30 minutes a week and practicing almost every day. The low register came fairly easily for me but I am working hard on my embouchure to try to hit the higher notes. Any flute players have suggestions? My cat tried to break the door down to investigate the new sounds coming from the office. He also tries to sit on my knee and headbutt the flute when I play. Everything is more “fun” with pets. Haha.


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