1. D > Here in the UK, ‘Mr Kipling’ has swamped society with mini synthetic Bakewell tarts, which are so sickly sweet … but they sell in millions, in little foil dishes in plastic moulded trays in cardboard boxes with BBE dates stamped on the flap. As a result, almost no self-respecting home baker would bake them – although I recall as child my mum baking them and they were really scrumptious! Oddly enough, go to Bakewell in Derbyshire, and you’ll not find anything about Bakewell Tarts. The real thing is the Bakewell Pudding – which you can buy at the Original Bakewell Pudding shop on the main street. Now, oddly enough, Bakewell pudding seems never to have been commercialized: and this is what IS still home-baked widely throughout the UK, but especially in England. Tart or Pudding – with afternoon tea? Well, now, that’s a question that cannot be answered without proper research!

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    1. Well, sign me up for THAT research! Ruth’s creation was not overly sweet at all, the almond part being not sweet, with the jam and icing taking on that job. I am glad that was my introduction to the tarts, rather than the commercial ones. Now…I must look up Bakewell Pudding to see what I am missing!


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