Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is a large, public park in Victoria. It has a nice walking trail above a beautiful beach with little tide pools, which includes an off leash area for dogs, so there are all sorts of walkers, with canine companions and not.

The daffodils were looking beautiful. My husband dryly commented that Victoria has some fancy-looking dandelions!

The peacock was checking out the children’s petting farm.

Anyone know the name of these yellow flowers?

Lots of pretty pebbles to stop and look at…

I’ve always liked driftwood.  Fun to sit on too 🙂

“Mile 0” of the TransCanada Highway is just outside the park, and has a memorial to Terry Fox, a Canadian Hero. He ran a marathon (26 miles)  a day  for 143 days, until lung cancer forced him to end his run across Canada.  Every year, Canadians take part in the Terry Fox Run to help continue to raise money in his name for Cancer Research.  If you are not familiar with his story, here is a 4 minute video to check out.



  1. J & D > Yellow flowers on very very spiky bush? Gorse. An introduction from Europe? There’s an old saying, I think originating in N England, that when the Gorse is not in bloom, kissings gone out of fashion. You’ll understand that Gorse will flower at almost any time of year though not all at the same time. It depends on age, season, last year’s growth, weather, aspect of ground, soil, whether browsed by livestock (some wilder type ponies and cattle browse the tender(er) growing shoots.

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    1. Your speculation about it being introduced from Europe is correct. British Columbia considers it an invasive species, though it IS pretty. I love the story about kissing never going out of fashion because it is always blooming somewhere!

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