The Memoirs of Cleopatra – A Novel


I am a fan of historical fiction, and I like the way Margaret George has written this book about Cleopatra. She begins with Cleopatra’s childhood and continues through the private and public events of her life. Her story flows easily on the page, with descriptions of Alexandria, the Nile and Rome that engage all the senses. If you are a fan of this sort of fiction, I recommend this book to you.

Here is how Goodreads describes the book:

“Bestselling novelist Margaret George brings to life the glittering kingdom of Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, in this lush, sweeping, and richly detailed saga. Told in Cleopatra’s own voice, this is a mesmerizing tale of ambition, passion, and betrayal, which begins when the twenty-year-old queen seeks out the most powerful man in the world, Julius Caesar, and does not end until, having survived the assassination of Caesar and the defeat of the second man she loves, Marc Antony, she plots her own death rather than be paraded in triumph through the streets of Rome.
Most of all, in its richness and authenticity, it is an irresistible story that reveals why Margaret George’s work has been widely acclaimed as “the best kind of historical novel, one the reader can’t wait to get lost in.”


  1. I LOVE historical fiction. For the last couple of years, I’ve read a lot of history and historical fiction (all English). I haven’t read anything by Margaret George (and I see from your cover she has a book on Mary Queen of Scots and Henry VIII). Thanks for the recommendation.


    1. I have read both of those as well and would highly recommend them. I was not keen on “Mary Called Magdalene” or “Helen of Troy” for some reason. Perhaps they seemed too much the same and didn’t capture the person I imagined. That or I just like British history better. 🙂


      1. Okay, thanks! I’m partial to British history so I’ll stick with those, or with Cleopatra. My neighbor says I had a past life in the high middle ages in England and that’s why I’m obsessed :p


  2. I am glad I came across this. I’ve read her British historical novels as well and really liked them. I also really liked Diane Gabaldon but for some reason never read past the fourth or fifth book. Great blog, really liking the cookery section as well….going to read a few more of your posts now, lol


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