Mini Cheer

It is high time for another installment of “Mini Cheer”. Drop me some comments about little things in your daily rounds that give you a boost of pleasure.


Beautiful sunsets this week.

A bit of fog and snow on our walks earlier in the month.

I put hooks on the wall behind the pantry door so I can get my spare oven racks off the floor when they are not being used!  This makes me inordinately happy for some reason…lol

A beautiful mini tin of Purdy’s Chocolates. I can see that gorgeous tin holding office supplies in my desk in the near future! Oh, and the chocolates are good too 🙂


Caraway Gouda on rye bread. One of my favourite comfort foods.

We picked up a number of flavoured honeys from our local producers, Chinook Honey. A bottle of black current mead seemed to follow us home as well.

A couple shots from September before the snow hit.






  1. Love your idea of Mini Cheers – they can add up to a fabulously cheerful day.

    Me? My 8 minute walk to work. It’s October so seeing both flowers and mushrooms today thrilled me. Hearing the birds – mostly hummingbirds and blackbirds with the occasional goose migration at the moment but other times of the year it’s a joyful cacophony! In season I sneak saskatoons and blackberries. Watch sunrises and sunsets. Mist. Raindrops on leaves like pure silver and frost that blings out everything! And when it’s dark, seeing the constellation Orion – always reminds me of Christmas Eve going to my Gram’s. 💕😊

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  2. This is an amazing portfolio of happiness, and joy indeed. I must say that which is wonderful today, here and now, is our weather, still amazingly warm as autumn draws close to nigh. Recalling Aretha Franklin’s Song, “I say a little prayer for you” seems fitting as we celebrate cheer and happiness, Your flower bloom image is spectacular, is it stained glass or what?.

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    1. Thank you for the comments! Our weather has warmed up now so we are finally getting something that doesn’t look like winter! The flower is the design printed on top of the tin. It is so vibrant that it does indeed look like stained glass.


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