Here is a little “gem” for you…hahaha. CBC has put a lot of excellent content on their app “Gem”. Much of their content consists of programs I have thoroughly enjoyed watching, such as the Great British Baking show, the Great Canadian Baking Show, Escape to the Chateau, Back to Dinner, X Company etc.

If you can out up with a few commercials, the app is free to use. They also have a premium membership if you want freedom from the ads. Lots of entertaining viewing.


  1. J & D > Carefully curated : the main (terrestrial) UK tv networks are setting up an equivalent to GEM : but it will be a subscription channel, an alternative to NetFlix. All the main networks (each with several channels) are available free under the FreeView banner, on both satellite and terrestrial. Only the BBC is free of ads. All these channels include a lot of excellent programs from around the world (USA of course, Australia, NZ, Italy, France, Spain, Scandinavian countries – Scandi-Noir) but I don’t recall ever seeing any program from Canada.

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    1. One you might find from Canada is called Murdoch Mysteries. It is carried by the BBC here so may have crossed the pond.

      CBC is the only free network here and you can only get it by having the Gem app now. Your FreeView banner seems to be something I would very much enjoy!


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