Snack Crate

Since we are not travelling at any time in the near future, we decided to bring elements of travel to us and have some fun at home.  One of the best things about travelling, is the Road Trip!  We love to see the landscape features, endemic plants and animals, what is cultivated, etc.   And… any good road trip requires snacks!  YouTube has some good road trip videos, and we signed up for the Snack Crate international subscription box.  They come in three sizes, so we bought the middle-sized one. It takes a couple months to process the first order, but thereafter, a box filled with snacks from the country of the month arrives at the door.  Our first box was from Germany.   I was excited by this as many of my favourite snacks come from Edelweiss, a shop in our closest city. I was thinking this would be a great gift for elementary school kids as well as an introduction to learning about various countries.

They include a booklet that provides little snapshot of the country as well as some interesting trivia.

It also includes a description of everything that is in the box, according to subscription size.  Everything in the mini is also included in the original size, which is the one we ordered.  The Premium contains everything.

We have treats on Friday nights, so have been working our way through this box.  Our favourites so far are the chips (they have paprika flavouring that reminded us of the roast chicken crisps from the UK), and the mini gummis (really nice fruit flavour with no aftertaste). I liked the hanuta as well for the dark chocolate/hazelnut flavour.  It is like small waffle cone with nutella….how can this be bad?  Hopefully we can stretch it out until the next box comes in September, but we will probably have to the raid the “concession stand” in the tv room, haha.

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  1. Hahaha what a fabulous idea!! How were the German road trip movies – any you’d recommend? I think this is so cool. Way to dive in!! Happy Trails!! 😁

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