Garden – July and August

Here are some shots of my favourite flowers and vegetables grown this year. The deer ate some, but I got photos first…and I finally got to eat some peas that the deer didn’t notice 😀. Can’t decide which best exemplifies the taste of summer- fresh new peas, peaches or ripe tomatoes. It is a toss up for me. What is your “taste of summer”?


Sooooooon! Celebrity tomatoes almost ripe.

Chocolate Sprinkles grape tomatoes, ripe and delicious.

I adore these sunflowers. I wish they bloomed all summer.


These daisies are reliable performers every year.  I divided the plant this year and will do so again next year so I will have three clumps of them.

Cosmos are a sentimental favourite of mine.  My mom used to have a 20 foot row of them hedging the top of the vegetable garden. They also last really well as cut flowers.

I cut back the level of the canopy of our maple tree so these smaller perennials can get a wee bit more light.  Also, my husband was tired of getting whacked in the head when he mowed the lawn…

Most of my delphiniums were eaten by the deer, but they missed these two stalks. I need to find a way to keep them out.  This is the second year they got them, and they seem to prefer them just before the buds burst into flower. Most dissapointing.

I like this particular cranesbill as it doesn’t spread everywhere.  Although, I would like to have a second one…. Haha, gardeners are never fully pleased.

More purple and pink, which is are the main colours blooming in July.

Zuccs and peas. Although the deer ate this first batch, we have eaten the second!  Woohoo.

Hopefully we will have a nice September and I will have a few more flowers to share with you next month.


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