Baked Ham and Cheese Sandwich

These are an easy twist on a ham and cheese sandwich that will easily serve six people.  They are made with sheets of Pillsbury crescent rolls, sliced ham and marble cheese, and are topped with grated Parmesan.

2 Pillsbury crescent roll tubes
150 grams sliced ham
6-9 large slices of marble cheese (to cover ham)
grated Parmesan cheese to top

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Onto the paper, unroll 1 tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls and pinch perforations together.  Place slices of ham over the dough. Use as many as you want – I used about 150 grams. 

Top with marble cheese slices. Unroll the second roll of dough over the top, pinch the perforations and the edges together so nothing leaks out.

Grate Parmesan over the top and bake in an oven set to 350 degrees F for about 25-30 minutes. 

If the top layer starts to brown more than you would like, you can cover it with tin foil part way through cooking. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then slice and serve!

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