Starting Seeds

One of my friends who also loves to garden told me about the GrowEase self-watering seed starter she ordered from Vessey’s. Thanks CF. After I looked into it, I decided I would like to try one, so I’m bringing you along on my experiment. Self-watering is a new frontier for me, haha.

The components seem to be well made and are easy to assemble. There is a water reservoir, a platform to raise everything else above the water level, a capillary mat, which drapes into the reservoir, the growing tray with cells to seed into, and a cover to keep the soil moist for germination.

I was out of popsicle sticks to use as labels, so I used toothpicks and my office label maker. I might keep doing it like this! I planted “Goldy” summer squash, Patio Snacker Cucumbers, Valley Heart Romaine, Edox butterhead lettuce, and mesclun mix.

I also did a mass planting of lettuce seeds in a large planter as I had really good luck with that on the deck last year. Planting things in the ground is dicey as the deer and hares think I have prepared a salad bar for their benefit.

The reservoir filled with water, platform inserted.

The capillary mat draws water up to feed the open bottoms of the seed tray cells.

Seed try stacked on the capillary mat.


Ready to grow!

It is still snowy and cold here and we are indoors practicing “social distancing”, but I have seeds and soil, so the march into spring continues!

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