Sucs for Me

I bought this new succulent a couple weeks ago at Home Depot, and decided this was the week I was going to refresh my overwintering succulents and create a new succulent bowl for the patio. Of course I can’t put it outside for another couple of months, but I wanted to start some new ones from cuttings, so they need some time to establish a bit of a root system before I put them out again. 

I brought all my succulents to the garage, cleaned them up, and took these are the cuttings.

I had a couple pots of single plants as well that were getting leggy, so took fresh cuttings from them as well.

These are the refreshed containers I ended up with.  I won’t water them for a couple days to let the cuttings seal over, but then I will start to water lightly, and then give them a good soaking in a couple weeks, followed by normal watering schedule (not too often). 

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