Cookie Day 2019

If you have been following my site for a while, you will know that a dear friend and I choose a day in November to do all our Christmas baking for our families, friends, and events. We started this in high school, and have been going for 37 years now. For Cookie Day this year, we decided to make Jewish Pastries, Spiced Shortbread, Apricot Biscotti, Chocolate Biscotti, Snowballs and Chocolate Lebkuchen Cherry Balls. Most of these have been covered by the blog on previous years, so I will link the recipe under the photo. Spiced Shortbread was a new suggestion by her husband, and they turned out to be one of our favourites this year. We ended up making a second batch, haha. Chocolate Lebkuchen Cherry Balls were new as well. They seemed a lot of work for little ginger flavour, but were tasty enough on their own. I will include the link to the website we got it from in case you want to try it. It was good, but we have a lot of recipes we prefer to throw into the rotation.

Without further ado, here are the photos…

Apricot Biscotti (I used the cranberry recipe and just replaced the pistachios with apricots), and Chocolate Biscotti This is my go-to biscotti recipe, and I just change the flavours as the mood strikes.

Jewish Pastry These are an annual addition. So good!

Spiced Shortbread – see the previous blog post for this one.

Snowballs These are a spherical pecan-shortbread type cookie. This one is taken from “Taste of Home”

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