Christmas Gift Bags

If you have some material left over from another Christmas project, here is a great way to make use of it and reduce the amount of Christmas wrap you end up recycling. 

1. Cut two panels of  material to whatever size you would like to have (if the pattern is random, you can just fold one large panel in half, but if the pattern is directional, like the the polar bear example, you need to cut two panels, so that one side is not upside down when you finish). Put right sides (the attractive sides) together.

2. Fold a ribbon in half and insert it between the panels (about 1/3 of the way down the fabric, lining the folded edge up with the edge of your material. (Mine is red in the photos). This will be the tie for the bag and will be on the outside when your project is finished.

3. Sew or serge the edges and bottom. If you serge, make sure to feed the loose ends back through the stitches to prevent unraveling.

4. Fold the top edge over twice and sew a rolled seam at the top. (The edges have to be separated for this part. You will be sewing in a circle around the top of the bag).Turn the bag right side out and it is ready to fill with a gift!

These can be re-used year after year!


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