Pineapple Ginger Chiller, and Ginger Ale

This is a refreshing drink that uses fresh pineapple and coconut water. Let me start by saying, if you cannot smell your pineapple at three paces, it is not ripe. Wait for it to call to you with its intoxicating aroma – the taste will be so much better.

Pineapple Ginger Chiller

1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled and cored
1 cup coconut water
1 cup ice cubes
4 Tbsp. ginger syrup

Crush the ice in the blender. Add the rest and puree until smooth.

If you need a pirate drink, you could add some rum. Yo ho ho.

Ginger Syrup
3/4 cup peeled and diced ginger
1 cup sugar
1 cup water

Combine all ingredients. Simmer about 30 minutes, uncovered, and strain. You simmer this one a lot longer than the delicate botanicals like rose, lavender or mint because the ginger root can withstand it, and it gives a stronger syrup.

Ginger Ale
This syrup also makes a fine ginger ale

2 Tbsp. ginger syrup
1 cup sparkling water

Combine the syrup and sparkling water over ice. Delicious!

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