Cream Tea

I first encountered Cream Tea (Tea, Scones, Jam and Cream) 28 years ago after a Night of No Sleep, plus a 13 hour flight delay, 6 hour flight, and two hour drive with a raging cold. It was the day before Christmas eve, and I was due to meet my husband’s mother for the first time. As my husband’s step dad picked us up at Heathrow, he correctly sussed that we were freezing, hungry, tired and sickly, and decided a stop at the Mill Café near Tintern Abbey was just the thing required. The cream tea we enjoyed there became one of those memories that seared into my brain vividly. Bliss. Although I cannot recreate the old mill, the beautiful abbey or the majestic chestnut trees in Alberta, I can still indulge in the pleasure of a cream tea once in a while. For me, it is a ticket to refreshment.


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