Fresh Bread 

The homey aroma of fresh bread is one of the best smells a kitchen can produce. This loaf is made from Julie van Rosendaal’s recipe posting on her fabulous site. I whacked it into the bread machine and used the dough setting rather than following her method, and this is the lovely result. It is a classic white bread for sandwiches – sturdy, but not dense. It is not bad warm with butter and honey either… 😉


  1. Oh man, I love baking bread but I have never ever been able to get it as gorgeous as yours is. Maybe I’ll have to try the dough setting on my bread machine too. Great job!!


    1. Thank you. I use the dough setting for all of my breads. It kneads well and provides good humidity and temperature, otherwise lacking in my environment. Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.


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