Seasonal Pleasures


One of the pleasures of this season is that it is dark so early – about 4:30 in the afternoon here. Evenings are quiet, still and peaceful. It is my favourite part of winter.

Eggnog is another seasonal pleasure we enjoy. My daughter calls it “Chicken Milk” – the result of a too-literal translation from the French on the package. Seasonal treats seem exceptional, not because they are necessarily better than the ordinary, but because their fleeting nature does not allow us to take them for granted and stop noticing how happy they make us.

Our living room is at its best in winter, and sitting there enjoying a glass of eggnog in the evening is a seasonal luxury that I relish. Cheers.



  1. My older daughter was born at 4:30 on Dec 21st, so it was pitch black outside (this was in Ontario—it stays light out here in California a little longer). That may be one reason I like these dark December days. So nice to be inside with a cup of tea.


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