June Garden

Just a selection of photos of what is new in the garden. June was beautiful this year! We had a week of rain/showers, several sunny days and no mosquitoes! Two of our crabapple trees had white blossoms, and one had a dark pink. Our neighbour has a large Mayday tree and the scent wafting over from that was heavenly – smells like home to me!

The perennials I planted this year are taking hold, and I have several pots of annuals and vegetables going as well. The squirrels have found other things to eat (elsewhere!) so the raspberry canes and lilacs are coming along again.

My “John Davis” climbing roses are already doing well! I am so happy to be able to grow roses again now that I am free from marauding deer.

I think these are the cutest little pansies.

The salad bed is doing well. Actually, we have chewed through quite a lot of it!

New photos 444445444555555

I love the glossy leaves on this rose. Will be flowering soon!

Potatoes, tomatoes and some annuals


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