Spring Planting

This is our first spring at this location. While there are a lot of shrubs and trees, there are very few perennials planted here (5 poppy plants, a smattering of primula and a peony). Perennials are a marker of spring for me, helping me judge time as things emerge. In fact, I thought spring was late because nothing was coming up, but that was because there were no bulbs or perennials IN the beds here.

I love perennial plants, so I have been working on getting the gardens filled with some of my favourites.

I planted at least two of most of the varieties I chose, mostly sticking with pinks, purple, burgundy and yellow as my colours.
It will take a couple more years to fill in, but I am happy with the start I’ve made.
Hostas, heuchera, cushion spurge, delphinium, salvia, pinks, speedwell, lupin, iris, sedum and ligularia are my plants of choice. I also planted several hardy roses. I chose several conical flowers to echo the tall spruces behind the beds, and mixed them with foliage plants of various colours and textures.
Touran Scarlet Saxiphrage
Early Bird Columbine
These primulas were here
New Hampshire Purple Cranesbill
John Davis Climbing Rose
Mandevilla and lobelia
peas swathed in deer fence to deter squirrels
lettuce, spinach and radishes

I planted shade-loving plants in the side yard
I chose a few orange/peach/gold shades to warm up the cool side yard. These dahlias are beautiful.
Keeping the tender annuals like tomatoes and dahlias close to the house for another week, just in case.

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