Garden Prep and Additions

This is our first spring in this house. The potting shed has good windows and shelving for protecting young plants, but it had no place to store tools. It did however have some wooden paneling from the 70s, a pegboard and some 2x4s in the rafters, so we used those to cover the back wall of the shed, covering the long protruding nails, and creating some tool storage.

Above is a photo of our starting place.

We had enough to finish the wall off, which was great, plus it cleared out the rafters.

Home of the garden tools complete! I love the peg board so I can arrange/re-arrange the tools as needed.

I wanted to add a couple of raised beds for vegetables and raspberries, and found some inexpensive cedar ones that fit of the bill.

We have always enjoyed watching birds in a bird bath so this birthday present was very appreciated by me and a host of birds.

Repainting the front and side doors with a fresh blue instead of a faded wine colour.

The existing raised beds have some nice shrubs, but nothing in the way of perennial flowers. This is a project I am looking forward to finishing. It will take 2-3 years for it to fill out, but I have been adding plants as it has warmed up outside. We are approaching our frost-free season this weekend (statistically at least…).

We don’t have to deal with deer anymore which is a great relief, but I noticed the squirrels biting off bits of my newly planted lilacs and rosebushes in the side yard. We shall see…

I brought the vegepod with us when we moved and am using it to grow greens and radishes.

A friend pointed out these “steal the new potatoes” pots and I am looking forward to seeing how they go.

If the weather holds, all will be planted by the end of the weekend!


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