Favourite Winter Teas

Do you change the teas you like to drink in the winter months? Although I still love my mix of Early Grey and Irish Breakfast, I like to switch it up with some powerful flavours in the winter. My favourties are:

  1. David’s Tea – Candy Cane Crush – Little bits of peppermint and white chocolate with black tea.
  2. David’s Tea – Dark Chocolate Orange – a slightly more citrusy version of a Terry’s chocolate orange hint over black tea. The scent is the best part.
  3. Darville’s of Windsor Christmas Tea – lot of warm spices included with black tea
  4. David’s Tea – Snow Day – lots of peppermint leaves with a hint of dark chocolate (this one is herbal and may be my favourite way to end a day)

What is your favourite winter tea?

One comment

  1. Yes! Absolutely I change teas with the seasons. Ooooh your selections all sound so good!! Yum. I’m trying to limit caffeine these days so my current winter favourites are from Westholme Tea on Vancouver Island where they even grown some of their own tea (!!) and make their own blends. I’m loving their Nettles Chai blended with Mystique, both herbal blends with lots of spices, lemongrass and licorice root. Mmmmm. Delish hot or iced.


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