2022 Indoor Bulb Summary

My amaryllis bulbs were the first to bloom, starting in late December and finishing in March, then the forced tulips bloomed February-March.

Nymph was my favourite amaryllis variety this year. It produced 12 blooms in the first round, and then another 10 in the second. I am putting them outside this summer to feed the bulbs so they will hopefully put on a show in January again.

“Mystica” had striking colouring and was the first to bloom.

“Dancing Queen” bloomed in March but had to be used as a cut flower as I didn’t stake it and it fell over.

I started bringing the tulip pots indoors from their cold period in the garage (6 degrees F) in mid January.

They begin to green up and grow within the first few days inside.

Angelique Tulip – my favorite

“Angelique” Tulips – my favorite

“Peppermint Stick” tulips were a beautiful new addition.

“Columbus” tulip

“Flaming Prince” tulips

“Exotic Emperor” tulips

The indoor bulbs indulge my gardening drive in the winter months, but I am always SO glad to see spring šŸ™‚

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