One Cat, Two Cat, Old Cat, New Cat…

We had to euthanize our oldest cat, Thomas, in August. He was 19 and was suffering from kidney and liver failure. He was a great cat companion – friendly, good with kids, tolerant of other cats and dogs.

When he passed, our second cat, Tickle (17 years old), missed having him around, as apart from his first 8 weeks of life, they had been together. Tickle is a cuddly marshmallow and a very calm cat, with the exception meeting of new people, which causes him to hide.

In November, my daughter and I adopted a formerly feral kitten that captured her heart when she worked at an animal shelter. Her name is Lixa, and is 2 years old now. She is a very timid cat, and it took a lot of patience and effort to win her over, but she fits in our household beautifully.

She and Tickle have bonded and roam the house together. They have also figured out how both of them can fit on our laps when we are in the recliner, haha!

Tickle is helping us teach her to be a house cat, and she is giving him the companionship he has been missing.



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