Bulbs and Tubers

I don’t have as many bulbs around the house this year as I normally do, but I have had some nice ones in flower in the last couple months.

This white amaryllis turned out extra tall. The I am not sure of the variety as it is one I picked up at Home Hardware.

Ranunculus tubers are new to me because they are perennial in warmer zones than I live in, but I thought I’d give them a try as they looked fun to watch. I followed the directions on the package, which said to soak the tubers overnight in warm water.

After soaking, the tubers swell and look like something keen on growning…

They then get planted and left in the house 3 weeks, giving time for the roots to develop. They then get put in the garage for a month to chill (around 4 degrees Celsius) and then get brought into the house to see how they go. Mine are still in the garage, so I will let you know how it goes when I bring them in around St. Patrick’s Day. One of the tubers has produced roots and a green stem, but the others are keeping secrets under the soil. We shall see what spring brings.

And… I couldn’t resist a hyacinth in this beautiful colour….because…purple.

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