Deck the Halls

It is the first day of Advent again and, minus the tree, I have put out the Christmas decorations. I enjoy putting out these decorations as the soft glow from the lights makes what would otherwise be a cold and dark month, a time of coziness and hope.   I keep most of my decorations in white, red, silver and woodland tones. Every year I mix them up into different combinations or place them in different locations, to keep them feeling fresh and new.  Occasionally I will purchase a small addition, but I am pretty fond of what we already have.

One of my friends gave me these beautiful pine cones that I wanted to highlight, so I put them in a white bowl with some nuts and bits from last year’s fresh wreath, and added three balls that go nicely with my favourite Christmas tablecloth.

I made a Hot Chocolate Station by our kettle to make it easy to enjoy a hot cup on our way downstairs to watch another episode of “The Crown”.

Wreaths and reindeer….check.

Our door closes so tightly that I can’t use a wreath hanger in the door, so I found another home for it a couple years ago.

Well wishes on the wall…

I put these in the kitchen every year. To me, they look like they were made for the space.

The nativity…everyone has different ideas on the “proper” placement of the attendees….

Instead of a wreath this year, I went for a countdown advent candle. We’ll see how it goes!

Father Christmas

Planted two amaryllis bulbs and repaired the pine cone wreath.

The little nissen are hanging out in the peperomia forest…

Bits and bobs…

I used mostly different pieces on the fireplace mantle this year, but kept the same lights.

I love the white lights with the glass and silver.

Sleeping on the job…..

Outdoors, mother nature added to our decor…


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