Simple Summer Meals

I have been cooking with a lot of foil packs on the bbq this summer, as well as simple grilled meat and pan cooked vegetables. Maybe one of these will inspire an idea of your own 🙂

Below is shrimp and asparagus with oil, lemon slices and ginger citrus seasoning. Only about 10 minutes to dinner.

The one below is sautéed cabbage with onion and tomato and salt and pepper. The pork chop was cooked in the pan with a a low sugar blueberry jam to glaze it.

A British Banger Company opened in out town, and we tried a few things from there. We will have the lamb kababs again soon.


Sausage and shrimp skewers glazed with an orange and mustard combo that was fantastic.


Cod with garlic, lemon slices, Old Bay seasoning, olive oil cooked in foil on the bbq for 15 minutes.


Share your favourite summer meals in the comment section!


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