Cranberry/Cherry Swirl Biscotti

As part of our annual cookie baking day (our 36th) my friend and I tried this recipe from Taste of Home. We always make biscotti and have a few we rotate. My favourites are on the post Three Biscotti Variations, but there other ones on my site as well. This is the first time, however, that we have tried a swirled one. The dough is more fussy than the one we base our variations of off, but it was really tasty and the swirl looks nice on a mixed plate of cookies. I have linked the recipe above, but will include some photos to help you visualize the directions. The only 3 changes we made to the recipe were:

  1. We cut the cinnamon out of the filling and used 1/2 tsp. of almond extract instead to enhance the cherry flavour.
  2. We let them cool for 25 minutes after removing the log from the over, before slicing.  Five minutes was no where near enough time.
  3. We flipped the cookies half way through the second bake, to dry them more evenly and prevent too much browning on the first side.

*We also suggest you use a flat-edged cookie sheet, or turn one with edges upside down to make it easier to get the log to the cooling rack without cracking it.

Roll the dough out into a rectangle.

Spread the cherry/cranberry mixture on top.

Roll up like a cinnamon roll. Parchment paper helps.

After they are baked and cooled for 25 minutes, slice them for the re-bake.

Cooling slices after second bake.

Ice with almond icing after they are cooled.


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