SilverFire Scout Gasification Stove

The summer hiking season here is swiftly coming to a close (it snowed last week), so I thought I would review a couple of the new products we tried this year. First up is the SilverFire Scout Stove. It is a gasification stove which uses any small bits of wood you find on your travels (i.e. you do not have to carry fuel with you). It burns the wood in the bottom chamber, and then redirects the smoke up an inner wall, heats it, and allows it to burn as well, making a nearly smokeless fire. This little stove is light to take in a backpack, and is also a cool little item for picnics or roasting a few marshmallows.

We also bought the stowaway pot as the whole stove fits inside it and the pot is perfectly sized and lightweight.

The bottom as holes to allow for good air circulation under the fuel source and has a tray to catch the ash.  The upper holes are where the the hot fumes from the fire rise up and are burned, making for efficient wood use and almost smokeless emissions.

This is my tiny arrangement of twigs over a one inch layer of wood pellets.   This was enough fuel for a demonstration and to cook a couple marshmallows for us.

I took a little video so you can see the wood smoke burning as it comes out of the vents at the top of the stove.

Once we got down to coals, we made some toasted marshmallows. Because I used very little wood, there were few coals so I had to work fast, but if you filled the wood chamber, there would be more coals to work with.

In case you are interested, here is a youtube video of an earlier model. Ours is the second type of burner prongs, but there are now five of them.

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