Fire Starters and Candles

My husband has never, ever joined me on a craft project, but as he wanted to make fire starters and I wanted to make candles, the two ideas melted into one pot of wax.

He makes his fire starters by soaking cotton pads in parafin wax. Once hardened, they break apart easily (I was skeptical of this, but proved wrong) exposing an cotton edge that catches fire effortlessly and then burns steadily, making simple work of starting the tinder and smaller sticks. As a bonus, they are waterproof until you break them open.

If you try this, make sure you heat your wax over a double boiler. We did that, but have no photos of it. We only poured some wax into this little tray to make dipping easier.

Me, I just wanted a blue candle with a bit of lavender scent…

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