The Alley

It’s Time for Tea”

This week I was treated to a bubble tea at “The Alley” in the University District in northwest Calgary. If you are not familiar with bubble tea, it is usually a mix of tea/milk or tea/fruit juice with tapioca balls called “boba” and/or jellies added to the bottom of the glass.

The Alley had a number of choices for tea, and was spotlessly clean with interesting lights, furniture and wall art. There is also free short-term underground parking next to the shop.

In the photo above, mine was the one on the right, called “Alley Trio Milk Tea” made with Assam black tea, milk, boba, pineapple jelly and rainbow jelly. I got mine half sweet with less ice and it was still a delicious dessert and fun to “slurp”.


  1. I’m not yet sold on the bubble tea thing- although my daughters keep trying to convert me!- but I adore the look and styling of this place. It’s just adorable!

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