Angel Food Cake Roll

One of my dear friends made this for her granddaughter’s birthday dinner and was so pleased with the recipe and the result that she asked her husband if he thought it was “blog-worthy”. He agreed that it was and so do I! Since she doesn’t write a blog, I am posting it on mine based on the photographs and her assurance that it is easy and delicious. It is also a recipe that you can make the day before and have it remain beautiful until your event, which is a good sort to have in your pocket. Also, who does not like angel food cake, berries and cream? I can’t wait to give this one a spin!

Here is the recipe: Triple Berry Angel Food Cake Roll

She used strawberries and blueberries on her cake, but said you could easily change up the fruit with peaches, pineapple, or chocolate and Skor pieces, depending on what’s in season.


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