Mini Meringues

I love these little meringue cookies because they look like shiny candy and you can make them whatever colour you wish. They look cute on a serving tray, or as decoration for a cake.

4 egg whites (weigh them)
sugar (twice the weight of the egg whites)

Stir them together in a double boiler (or equal creation of metal bowl over pot of simmering water) just until the sugar dissolves completely. You can check it with your fingers to see if you can feel sugar grains when you rub your thumb and finger together. As soon as it feels smooth, remove it from the heat. It will only be just warm, not hot.

Off the heat, wisk it with a mixer for 5 minutes or so, until it is glossy and stiff peaks form.

Turn an icing bag inside out and place it over a glass or something else to hold it upright. Paint stripes with gel food colouring (whichever colour you choose). Carefully turn it right side out again and fill with the meringue.

Pipe onto parchment paper covered baking sheet. Squeeze to the size you want, stop squeezing and lift the bag up. You may want to pipe the first little bit back into your bowl as it wont have colour on it. As your hand heats up the bag, the colour gets more intense. I like that there are different intensities of colour on the meringues, especially if I am using them to decorate a cake.

Bake for about 30-40 minutes at 200 degrees F. They should be crispy outside and a bit soft on the inside. If you overcook them, they will crack. Still tasty, but not as pretty, or as marshmallow-y in the middle.



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