Tulips and Other Flowers

I finished planting my tulips to force in the garage this winter. I just need to finish the clean up and cover the pots with old towels to keep them darker.  I did 5 kinds in 4 pots so we should have a nice display when I bring them into the house in January/February. I am also trying to overwinter a couple potted roses and a lavender plant in the garage as well. We keep the garage just above freezing over the winter, so it should work…yes?

I couldn’t resist starting an amaryllis in the house too. It is fun to watch things grown and change.

The Christmas Cactus will start blooming tomorrow by the looks of it. It is loaded with buds this year!

The hibiscus is on its last three blossoms. I suspect it will take a wee rest after this. It put on quite a show this fall.

I gave the succulent bowl a little “beard trim” to keep it in bounds.





    1. Yea! My mom started this one from a small cutting from a friend. When she passed away I brought it home and it has grown a lot in two years. I had to transplant it this year as it was too cramped in its pot. It usually blooms in time for what would have been my mom’s birthday, so I think it is a fitting remembrance.

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