I’m Back!

Hello Readers,

I’ve been absent for the past couple weeks, not because I have found nothing cheery to post, but because I have been back and forth between hospital and home and have had no time or brainpower to write anything. I have missed doing it, so over the next three months, though I will likely blog less frequently, I want to post a couple items a week when it works.

We got to bring our daughter home last week and her sister came home for a family dinner as well so we could celebrate being all together again. That moved beyond the realm of everyday cheer and into the realm of great joy.

Also, my hibiscus put on a great Welcome Home show for her, even though I left it outside in the cold and it’s leaves are slowly turning yellow and dropping. I do this every year… No, there seems to be no learning curve for me on this one. Last time it got down to one solitary green leaf before starting to re-foliate itself! Let’s hope it doesn’t take things that far this year.

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