Horde at the Hive – the Vikings are Coming!

Vikings 018

The Vikings-Vinland historical reenactment group invaded the Chinook Honey Company this past weekend, hence Horde at the Hive. They had various tents set up with knowledgeable “vikings” to explain the skill being demonstrated. Our society is not self-sufficient in this same way. Although craftsmen specialized, most everyone in the village had a good idea how the basics for survival were made. I like seeing people keep the old arts alive.


Vikings 011

Jewelry making using silver and copper. She was just beginning a new copper item, but this website shows in detail what she was making.

Vikings 008

These people were tying knots with jute to make a fish net.

Vikings 005

This fellow was tablet/card weaving to make trim for a person’s clothing.  The same technique can also made a belt, or loops to hang tools or pouches from a belt.

Vikings 020

Leather shoes made by the cobbler.

Vikings 022

His patterns and tools.

Vikings 021

Vikings 007

The carver made bowls, cups, shafts for arrows and other wooden items.

Vikings 023

Tents and sails for ships were made with wool on a loom.  The looms were narrow, so they had to sew finished strips together to get the desired width.

Vikings 006

Vikings 003

This warrior was dressing for battle.

Vikings 016


Vikings 029

Of course there was a battle demonstration.  They did a good job of describing the various types of weapons used – axe, two -handed axe, spear, sword, dagger and shield. Lots of humour, but good knowledge as well, and some energetic battles in spite of the 34 degrees C temperature.

Vikings 033

They also showed various offensive and defensive formations, such as the shield wall.

Vikings 050

Vikings 054

Vikings 055

Vikings 056

Vikings 047

Vikings 048

Vikings 049

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