The Peachy-Lychee-Lemon-Lime Cocktail


This is the cocktail my daughter and her aunt invented for graduation celebrations. It did go down rather smoothly đŸ˜‰ In fact, no one measured things, but this is a fair approximation of the ingredient amounts for four portions. Adjust to your tastes. The recipe serves 4.

8-12 ice cubes
3/4 cup lychee juice (to just about cover the ice cubes)
4 shots of peach schnapps (one shot per person)
450 ml lemonade sorbet (to smooth things out)
juice of half a lime

In a blender, whiz the ice with the lychee juice and schnapps until the ice is well-crushed. Add the rest and blend until combined. The flavours of peach, lychee, lemonade and lime in loose slush is a lovely warm weather treat.

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