Fountain Pot

Last year on the garden tour, I was enchanted by some of the water fountains we saw. I looked in stores and online this spring, but what I found was either ugly or ridiculously expensive. So….I decided to make my own.  I used a clay pot I had and bought a pump, an extender nozzle (bell shape) and a tube of marine silicone. 


    I had to use a screwdriver to ream the drainage hole enough to get the plug through, adjusted the cord and pump to reasonable lengths and then siliconed the cord in place as I sealed the drainage hole. I balanced the pot between two chairs so the electric cord could dry with the cord hanging down.

I let the silicone cure for 3 days, placed the pot on wooden blocks so the cord has a place to go underneath the pot, and put in enough water to cover the pump. Voila!  I also added a water plant (Pennywort) hydrocotyle vulgaris. I want to find a water lily and some rocks as well, but I am well-chuffed at the result so far.     


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