Restoring Order


The utility drawer is meant to be a small collection of things we want quick access to. I have my own tools in there so I can find them without venturing into my husband’s domain in the garage. I can tighten the handles on my pots and hang pictures with no fuss.

Somehow, over the winter the utility drawer gets over-utilized until it becomes chaotic. Things that normally go back out to the workshop get poked in the drawer because we do  not feel like putting on coat and boots to return them. Like a snowbird,  the leather punch overwintered in warmer digs. At some point a critical mass is reached and things from the office are also attracted to the drawer. Tape goes in the drawer, yes, but now everyone’s tape is here and the drawer sticks. And…there are no less than 3 multi-tip screwdrivers (my husband’s, mine, and my mother’s)!

The drawer is moaning to be sorted out. Along with returning things to their rightful places I switched out one the the organizing trays and now we get a cheery lift every time we open it. Order restored!



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