Crisp Cheese


If you like a piece of cheese for a snack, switch it up by melting and crisping it in a frying pan. Just grate a bit and put in on a pan over medium heat. (Each grated pile was about 2 inches across and not very thick). Cook until the bottom is browned and then flip. I usually use parmesan or gruyere, but not having either of these on hand (stranger things have happened) I branched out to other kinds of cheese. For the first photo I used gouda and added a bit of caraway seed. The finished texture of this one was not as crisp because the cheese was quite lean.



The photo below is a white cheddar, which turned out to be delicious. My husband was in the basement participating in a ham radio contest, but left his post to come upstairs to see why his nose was twitching! It did smell rather good. If you try this and it looks like a melted puddle that you will not be able to flip, fear not, it will work. Just loosen around the sides first and use the spatula boldly! Put it on a rack to keep it crisp until it cools enough to eat.


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