The Imitation Game

My husband’s background is in mathematics and internet security, and he has an interest in WW2 history and cryptology, so it took no arm twisting to get him go see The Imitation Game with me. The movie was on my “must see” list as I have also found the history recently emerging from Bletchley Park to be interesting, I tend to like English movies and am a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch from his work in Sherlock. We had some hours to kill in Calgary recently and thought it was an excellent opportunity to go see it. We both enjoyed it very much and talked nonstop about it at lunch afterwards. My husband had read the book the movie was based on, so his comparisons were interesting, and I found the movie to be an impactful snapshot of the social changes that have taken place in the last 75 years.

In short, The Imitation Game is about Alan Turing, a mathematician who deciphered the enigma code allowing the Allies to intercept coded German military messages, influencing the outcome of the war. It also highlights his contribution to the early science of computer design. The movie is not a “blow things up” kind of war film, but looks at the contributions being made by civilians on the home front, women included.

Here is the link to the IMDB site describing the movie better than I .


  1. I wanted to see this last night but was too tired to go out. It’s on my to-see list as math was my first love 🙂 My ex-husband had a computer science professor who used to name drop Alan Turing’s name all the time :p He had worked with or something or other. I also like Benedict Cumberbatch. Glad to hear you liked the movie.


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