Since it has hit -27 degrees Celsius here a few times this week, and we are covered in white, I thought this would be a nice day to look at a few vacation photos from warmer climes. My hands are thawing… ahhh.

Feb Kauai 317_1


There is something about chickens that makes me very happy, so I have included a chicken photo as well. They are thick on the ground on Kauai. Many domestic chickens were freed in a hurricane, and now families of chickens strut their stuff parking lots, beaches, parks, roadsides, etc. One of the Hawaiian artists we visited at a craft market cracked us up when, as chicken strolled through her stall, she deadpanned, “All these chickens. Whole island, only one KFC.”

Feb Kauai 331_1

Feb Kauai 311_1

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