Acrobatic Squirrels and Cat TV


I’ve never seen a fat squirrel. They are in constant motion. When the bird feeder would move too much and this little fellow would lose his grip, he just swung himself 360 degrees around the branch and had another go at it. Talk about a full body workout. They are a hoot to watch, even if it is the BIRDS we are trying to attract.

Besides, it is good programing for Cat TV.

cat tv


  1. That is just so neat. animals are so awesome. He is so cute. I am glad that I don’t have squirrels here though, I leave my door open during the summer so the dogs could go out, that would be the last thing I would need in the house but then again, they would keep the dogs busy.

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    1. We have not had squirrels in the house but we had a gopher climb in the drier vent and fall into the duct in the basement. The cats heard him in there. I considered opening the duct at the elbow and hoped that I or the cats could catch him, but decided to leave that little job for my husband. Farm boys have skills 🙂


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