Glass Blowing

I love the art of blowing glass and I take any chance I come across to watch the artists at work. It seems like magic to me, and I think glass art is very beautiful. Follow the links to see examples of their finished work.

Here are the lads at Nova Scotia Crystal in Halifax, Nova Scotia at work making vases.

Nova Scotia 121 Nova Scotia Crystal

Nova Scotia 121 Nova Scotia Crystal (1)

Here are some glass artists from Makai Glass Creations at work. They are located on Maui and were working on a tree in these photos.

maui 2014 392

maui 2014 390

And finally, the king of glass creations on a large scale, here are some links to Dale Chihuly’s exhibits. I have never seen him work in person, but I have enjoyed his work for years. Check out his installations and a video of him making the magic happen. Fascinating and beautiful.

The Chihuly webpage

The Denver Botanic Gardens Dale Chihuly exhibit

Chihuly video


  1. Glass blowing is great fun! I made a ball at a glass blowing studio on the Oregon Coast. It was great! Also saw the Chihuly Art exhibit in Seattle. Beautiful work!!


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