Farmers’ Market


We went to the Calgary Farmers’ Market last week. The building is brimming with beautiful sights, smells, and food! We made a reconnicance sweep while our bags were still light, and then made a more targeted attack for our items of choice. Although we came home with some lovely veggies (honest!), I noticed that my photos were all of rather different items… Here is the shop I thought most artistic and alluring.


These photos are from the Yum Bakery. Lovely breads, croissants, macaroons, lemon tarts, etc. Very nice, very beautiful. Rather intoxicating.


Oh look, there is one photo of a produce vendor. Blush Lane has a wide variety of organic produce and free range meats.

A lovely adventure with plenty of tasty souvenirs. Whee!



  1. Ok YUM!!! Made my mouth water and I could almost tastes them…. Always love the colours of the macaroons. They always looks so… Parisian? And the taste… little sweet, softy crip pillows of delight that melt in your mouth. Thanks for the tease. Good to see the produce as well, albeit me and your readers probably are still salivating over the baked treats…. hehe. Lovely photos!


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