June Garden

tree steel

Here are a few photos showing where my garden is starting from this year. I like to watch the progress as we move through the growing season. A new addition this year is a bit of garden art. I like the whimsical touch this metal tree adds to the garden, lending cheer to the gate that is “off-limits” for growing things in front of. (I had to agree that it would be difficult to move a boat over a real tree). It is a good compromise.

alium allium

heart bleeding heart

peoneyfern leaf peony


g3 chives



  1. Looks like it is growing well. Have never see the Fern Peony’s. I bet they are gorgeous when they bloom. You will have to post photos of those. Where did you get the art piece for the fence? And did your mother ever teach you the story about the prince and princess and the bunnies/slippers when you take apart the bleeding heart flowers? I remember my grandmother telling me, but I can’t remember it. If you remember, please post šŸ™‚


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